Everyone Deserves A Homeland 
Patriots Are People Who Love Their Home


It is time for all Righteous Patriots, all Righteous men, woman and children to step up. Join with like minded patriots. Righteous Patriot is a mission to save our nation. Righteous Patriots serve their country. Righteous Patriot believes all persons have a right to where they live that is to a free democratic nation state. Righteous Patriots rise up and oppose the liberal assault on democracy. Oppose liberals and Globalism. Oppose the liberal assault on national security. Righteous Patriot builds a nation that is righteous, a Godly Nation, a secure nation. 

Repatriating National Resources

Your assets the things you think you own and the resources of your land do not belong to you. Everything in the nation state belongs to the state and this includes you. Private ownership and your legal identity are all wholly owned by the state. To own land or other resources one has to receive title from the state. The State assigns this title to your legal identity, the identity you were given at birth. You can recognize your legal identity from your human identity by looking on any legal document. Your legal identity is always capitalized. For a fee your legal identity is given authorization to use a specified resource within specific parameters defined variously by federal law and local zoning regulations. However, you are not your own person, your legal identity is not owned by you. You have a trustee who is the title holder of your legal identity. When you buy land your legal identity under the guardianship of your legal trustee gains title to a resource owned by the government, but since the legal trustee is a creation of the State all that happens is a transfer of assets from one legal fiction of the state to another. 

Righteous Patriot Asks:

Are you tired of seeing good jobs go unfilled? Does it hurt you to see people out of work, empty stores, abandoned businesses, hungry and the apathetic poor? Are you upset that unskilled persons are encouraged to enter the country, even illegally. Do you feel indignation that Corporations leave the country then export their products back into the country to compete with domestic producers. Do you oppose goods made with slave labour and child labour? Are you fed up with seeing cheap knock offs unloaded onto consumers in big box stores Have you become disillusioned with Globalism, Free Trade, Crony Capitalism? Do you see no virtue in trying to do business while burdened with debt? Would you like to see the end of nationalism being vilified by liberal politicians Righteous Patriot has a mission. Righteous Patriot exists to defeat Globalism, Liberalism and Islam. Righteous Patriot strives to build a Righteous Nation; a nation, indivisible under God. 

Have We Got This Right?

If you cross the North Korean boarder illegally you get 12 years hard labour

If you cross the Iranian boarder illegally you are detrained indefinitely

If you cross the Afghan boarder illegally you get shot.

If you cross the boarder into Saudi Arabia you will be jailed.

If you cross the boarder into China illegally you may never be heard from again.

If you cross the Venezuelan boarder illegally you will be branded a spy.

If you cross the Cuban boarder illegally you be thrown into a political prison and deprived of all civil rights.

If you cross the Canadian boarder illegally you get a job (if you want one), a drivers licence or the freedom to drive 2½ without one, a social insurance card, welfare, credit cards, subsidized rent or loan to buy a house, or even a free house, free education, free health care, a lobbyist in Ottawa, a Prime Minister who actively promotes your religion, millions of dollars worth of documents printed in your language, the right to carry your countries flag, the right to swear allegiance to Islam and to Shari law and reject all obligation to Canada or its laws.

Is this right? 


 Democrats appoint terror suspect to high office   http://madworldnews.com/libs-elect-muslim-migrant-trump/